2021 Nash Oakland – BOOBSFest 2 –

Yes, surprisingly enough most of us managed to squeeze another few days away this year to the sanctuary that is Nash Oakland Wild Camping.

This time instead of choosing to be down by the stream we headed up to the edge of the woodland area and setup base camp with lovely views of the surrounding valley.

As always for a BOOBs camping session, essential supplies were sourced from local cideries to make sure we didn’t become de-hydrated during our stay as the weather was, like our previous stay at NO (Nash Oakland), gorgeous.

This was a smaller group than our previous outing so we were having to fend for ourselves food wise as our resident Chef extraordinaire was sadly not in attendance as he had a previous customer focused service role to fulfil.   This meant that food was very much a lump it all together and raid the fridges which surprisingly worked really well.    Chard set the standard with his curry on the first evening and we never really looked back. We did take the opportunity at the advice of site owners Rick and Shirley to visit the local butcher in Presteigne – what a great recommendation, burgers, chicken kebabs, sausages, chicken kebabs, did we mention the chicken kebabs; the meat was excellent and the kebabs were succulent and tasty.

The usual BOOBS whisky tasting took place.  Having upped the inaugural meeting of two drinkers last time around,  this time we had three. 

A typical BOOBS meet has several core elements of the meeting;  alcohol, pickled eggs (even one with a face on it), nibbles (cheers Rory), weapons, meat and now it seems a quiz which I’m happy to document that Team B took the glory after a fairly close run game; the tie breaker answer for Team A’s benefit was ‘resource’.   Losers.
Some new visitors to NO joined us this time around,  Virtual Tig was replaced with real Tig and Wooluf although we think Virtual Tig drank less energy drinks but he did do a sterling job doing his medical thing when called upon.   Kai’s son Eric decided to show us all up, cycling some 60 miles to join us just to get absolutely thrashed at Connect Four; I bet he regrets asking if anyone had any games with them; at least Kai knows what to get him for his Christmas.   Northern bloke Darren also joined us and seemed to enjoy sawing standing dead wood that we collected.

We also took the opportunity to pop down to the closest coffee and cake shop which was a pop up one in the beautiful Sidney Nolan Trust buildings.  So good were the cakes, we had a second visit the following day but with more of us attending and we wiped them out of cakes.

As always we had some great in depth discussions worthy of inclusion in New Scientist, initially this revolved around what bloody use are wasps (we were entertained watching them in the cider bottle of doom), we moved onto short people and their issues but we soon moved onto deep subjects based on recent video footage about whether Toyahs breasts were real or enhanced (consensus seemed to be yes).
Our sunny days were filled chilling out and some of us took great pleasure watching Andy trying to get his kite aloft,  some say he’s still there now trying.

NO is the new AO but without the overpriced stuff, the loud bar, the shanty towns and MED1C screaming up and down.

Cracking time, cracking place, friends were missed.

Chards Pictures.

Craigs Pictures.

Couple of visitors.
Virtual Tig just hanging out.
The Welsh contingent makes an appearance in his boogie bus.
Of course I can help out says Andy.
Is it a bird, is it a plane.