2018 – Adventure Overland Show- April

Despite the inclement weather we had a cracking time at the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford-upon-Avon.  The show itself was better than last years; by that we mean there were decent prices to be had and there was definitely less of the over priced tat that had been at previous shows.
I think nearly everyone of us bought something from a complete set of tyres down to a little LED light to be used as a work light on the back of the truck.

Firewood ready to go.Rich shows what he’s planning on doing this weekend.

David tries to guess how tall Rory actually is.Kitchen preparation area. Craig shows Cameron how to sharpen knives.

Toasted marshmallows on the table top burners. Try for a four-skin.

Our main living area.Sputnik (our friendly washing machine firepit) fires up providing warmth.

Port night was going to get messy based on the measures. Unicorns.   Because. The cheese board selection was a delight.  Knives were handy. David and Cameron debate about when to stop eating their way though the cheese platter.

Yes – it rained. Another view of our kitchen preparation/storage area. With patriot stove well alight. Road trip in the Moggie to the supermarket. Open heart surgery of the moggie as the horn was like it’s owner, rather small.

Rory decides he needs a stiff drink as we work on his Moggie.

Work complete there may have been one or two tests of the new hornage.  Finger pointing at the wrong thing.

Retro ride, retro tent. No description is necessary but I think you can guess what has been happening.

Sputniks afterburner has been ignited. Disco lights a plenty.

Personally, this is just a no.    I doubt that it’s legal given what’s actually on the roof. Our personal chef Andy prepares for the evening meal.  Who says camping has to be rough. And on it goes – the wok fits inside Sputnik (our washing machine fire pit)Andy working his magic.

Disco, Disco inferno.

Cameron putting an edge on anything that should have one. Fine Port, Fine Whisky. Rich’s 1980’s retro rear cover – pops up in seconds; works a treat.  Goes by the name of Silverback, you too can own one for the princely sum of 10,000 cigarette coupons.
Burgers ala Sputnik.

Our pitch left to right.

I bet Stringfellows never had disco lights like these.

Frank from Men in Black makes an appearance.  He’s not very chatty.Unicorns; because.Disco inferno Base camp beardy.