Zoom 2004

4th Jan 2024

Luvvies, their use of earrings as well as wearing of polonecks.

Louis Theroux and his interviewing style; the whore house episode being memorable.

Tiswas; Sally James and yes we would, SMASH adverts, Linda Bellingham and Cleo Rocos.

The new Toyota Landcruiser; why it’s a proper motor but the decision was probably split 50/50 in liking it. It’ll be bullet proof.

Reading Material.
– Andy’s 50p find of Raymond Mears.
– Roald Dahl.

Out of Town – Why Jack Hargreaves is just great along with the original Old Country.

Time for the Exeter Trials, primarily motobikes but mostly vintage cars getting abuse from their owners which aren’t much younger.

Road trips
– Longest straightest road in the world (Our correspondent from the sand has been there).

What car is this; posed by the Welshman and a picture of his dad. Turns out it’s a Ford Prefect.

Why Lancia and Alfa make cars that are drop dead gorgeous.

19th Jan 2024
With thanks to Knife Jesus for his undercover reporting.

Knife Jesus’ speed awareness course – he’s been a very naughty boy!

Our postie got robbed, fell in the snow and is now feeling his age.

Rory & Mr Blobby – actually the same person!

Mark & Rory arrange a romantic dinner date in Portsmouth

Tig is down to one P38 – we all offered our sincere condolences at this difficult time

Who is attending this year’s Castle Wood 4X4 meet – group booking or get your own tickets?

Postie and his missus on Monday look at a potential new hound from a rescue centre

Quote of the evening goes once again to our Welsh reporter, directed at our Postie (as usual), ” All I can smell on that North East wind is chips and resentment”

1st Feb 2024
Like the Bjork song; ‘Shhh. It’s quiet, it’s oh so quiet’.

A brief summary of the boat caper at Porlock.

An update on the Post Office, no, not the long running Horizon scandal, but the scandal that is missing parcels – especially claiming for them when you’ve actually received it.

New pups in da house, settling in but our Welsh correspondent is convinced her name should be changed to Blodwin.

With the MP’s crawling out of the woodwork; anyone would think there was an election in the offing.

Our correspondent from the sand sums up forthcoming new life on this planet of ours as impending doom.

The Bolton correspondent has been tempted to take part in Gay for Pay.

The Welsh skip diving champion of 2023 did a little show and tell of a wooden science chair he rescued.

Discussion of Maddie; all agreed who new her was it was not good. Even those who never met her were concerned for her well being.

Token youtube of interest – https://youtu.be/XrmFy8whgT8?si=7muokaAtvWfsmZb2