Video Calls 2024

4th Jan 2024

Luvvies, their use of earrings as well as wearing of polonecks.

Louis Theroux and his interviewing style; the whore house episode being memorable.

Tiswas; Sally James and yes we would, SMASH adverts, Linda Bellingham and Cleo Rocos.

The new Toyota Landcruiser; why it’s a proper motor but the decision was probably split 50/50 in liking it. It’ll be bullet proof.

Reading Material.
– Andy’s 50p find of Raymond Mears.
– Roald Dahl.

Out of Town – Why Jack Hargreaves is just great along with the original Old Country.

Time for the Exeter Trials, primarily motobikes but mostly vintage cars getting abuse from their owners which aren’t much younger.

Road trips
– Longest straightest road in the world (Our correspondent from the sand has been there).

What car is this; posed by the Welshman and a picture of his dad. Turns out it’s a Ford Prefect.

Why Lancia and Alfa make cars that are drop dead gorgeous.

19th Jan 2024
With thanks to Knife Jesus for his undercover reporting.

Knife Jesus’ speed awareness course – he’s been a very naughty boy!

Our postie got robbed, fell in the snow and is now feeling his age.

Rory & Mr Blobby – actually the same person!

Mark & Rory arrange a romantic dinner date in Portsmouth

Tig is down to one P38 – we all offered our sincere condolences at this difficult time

Who is attending this year’s Castle Wood 4X4 meet – group booking or get your own tickets?

Postie and his missus on Monday look at a potential new hound from a rescue centre

Quote of the evening goes once again to our Welsh reporter, directed at our Postie (as usual), ” All I can smell on that North East wind is chips and resentment”

1st Feb 2024
Like the Bjork song; ‘Shhh. It’s quiet, it’s oh so quiet’.

A brief summary of the boat caper at Porlock.

An update on the Post Office, no, not the long running Horizon scandal, but the scandal that is missing parcels – especially claiming for them when you’ve actually received it.

New pups in da house, settling in but our Welsh correspondent is convinced her name should be changed to Blodwin.

With the MP’s crawling out of the woodwork; anyone would think there was an election in the offing.

Our correspondent from the sand sums up forthcoming new life on this planet of ours as impending doom.

The Bolton correspondent has been tempted to take part in Gay for Pay.

The Welsh skip diving champion of 2023 did a little show and tell of a wooden science chair he rescued.

Discussion of Maddie; all agreed who new her was it was not good. Even those who never met her were concerned for her well being.

Token youtube of interest –

15th February 2024
No-one available to take a summary.

29th February 2024

Alan Whicker Rix joined us from a roof top bar in Athens.

The Welsh Wizard has a new Gandalf hat courtesy of his good lady.

House sales have fallen through in Somerset.

Is it pronounced Dacia or Dasha or neither ?

Reading Material :
-Looks Who’s Back – Timur Vernes.

Should we bring back black ill fitting rear window slats ?

The Welsh correspondent regaled us with his tale of the Allegro fuel story.

The hybrid loving Guardian reading correspondent who may or may not work at the Highways Agency got slated.

Films to watch
– The Devils Advocate

Movie Remakes – good or bad, soe notable mentions. Roadhouse, Top Gun, Reacher and Ghostbuster: Afterlife.

Family relocations from Somerset to the Welsh Valleys for mining, that and that they’d heard that Welsh girls were easy.

Wars are good for governments and the arms industry.

Youtube channel of interest : The Shillingbury Blowers

14th March 2024

Why pressure cooking Aldi chicken is soooooo tasty.

Series to watch
– Yellowstone.

Chuck Berry and the use of cameras in the toilets.

Cremations and what to do with loved ones ashes (assuming you’ve actually picked them up from the undertakers).

Show and tell :
– Church Warden Pipe (Impressive)
– New born offspring.

Management is more important than experience.

Apprenticeships and how Covid hasn’t helped their social skills.

70’s weekend at Butlins Minehead.

Why Fords 1.0L 3cyl engine is shit.

Why a local schools closes and a new one is opening means redundancy for the maintenance staff and why that’s a bloody stupid thing.

Alan Whicker joined from the delights of the Maldives whilst disguising the background to be a dingy backroom in Wallsend.

28th March 2024

Charity find of quiz questions and answers although the topics don’t seem to have any logic.

Youtube channels of interest : BigjetTV.

Jesus joined just before his busiest week.

Welsh correspondent is potentially looking for council employment going forward.

Exploding animals; especially badgers. Why dead inflated sheep make great trampolines when you’re a kid.

Exploring tunnels in the Forest of Dean.

Action Jacks, so memorable.

Scrapyards; why they were great when they were proper, e.g. when if it fitted into your toolbox it was free.

Hornets; british ones are bastards.

Netflix things to watch : Graham Hancock. &. Nurse Ratched

Scargill; it’s a shame he’s not dead yet.

Film critics : What ten films would you consider worth of inclusion ? Blade Runner (the original), Blues Brothers (the original), Hacksaw Ridge.

11th April 2024

Why getting a push bike for the valleys means you become a bike collector.

Youtube channel of interest : Tasty Classics

Postal update : Like doing a paper round but in a uniform and why they’re losing the planes but will be returning to trains. Bonus W H Auden poem. Here.

Horsey update from the horse owners; all good.

You have two weeks to gather your vehicle ownership history.

The youngest member of the Boobs clan joined with Sand Man. Thankfully he had to be muted as she was screaming at him convinced there’s a strange man in the room with him and she wants her Dad.

Dental work in Turkey; just whats the worst that could happen.

Beards : How they’re great for mid morning snacks of the toast you had for breakfast. They’re also great for wearing when your sorting out issues like Vikings.

Why the A1 (M) isn’t a proper motorway.

Wales’s 20MPH restrictions is a £40 Million fuckup.

Traffic Management is overpriced and makes up the huge bulk of road projects.

Volunteering is good for museums of interest. (e.g. tanks, planes, things).

Re-enactment groups, especially the Germans re-enactors really only go down the SS or Nazi route because the uniforms are nicely designed by Hugo Boss.

Music systems – the boy from the valleys is looking for a turntable.

9th May 2024

Who’s forgot they were going to the 4×4 show oop north.

Morrisons local is 50% more than big Morrisons.

Why changing bosses always leads to a clusterfuck.

Dog ownership; fostering or buy one when the prices have gone through the roof.

Chard appears to be MIA.

Sainsburies Monkey Nuts are the mutts nutts.

Noisy generators and why they’re good to give away.

Anniversaries – Hospital visits and being close to death.

Best vehicle for Africa North to South.
Morris 1100
Peugeot 504.
Mercedes 180.

Car Histories – couple of our lists.

Gumball Rally start sequence in empty downtown with Cobra.

Steve Lund – aaaargghh.

23rd May 2024

It would appear that our missing member is all ok.

Beards and why they’re handy for food storage.

Tandy – Great supplier of electronics tat.

Ham Radio – Solomon Islands to Wales.

We were joined by a short haired thin looking luvvie who regalled us with tales of the Cannes Film Festival.

Clarksons Farm. Councils really don’t want to help anybody do they.

Net Zero; complete bollocks.

Renault R2087, Yes or No ?

Hats for driving; Pith or a Fez.

Towing limits and why a Fergie, Plough and the trailer just may be too much.

Campbeds and the collapsing of them. Why WWII beds don’t make great beds to sleep on.

Nash – Weekend ? Aug 31st – Sept 1st.

Why deliveries made by Rory are shit. Our luvvie is still waiting on his lid.

Hawkstone Cider, it’s not bad, neither is the beer.

Dangerous Brothers – Baby Sitting

6th June 2024
Beards and why some women are attracted to them.

ULEZ; not good for anything except revenue generation.

Election – Reform and Farage just announced, lets wait to hear from George Galloway.

Trump – Orange followers are idiots.

Alan Whicker joined from Zakynthos.

Gravel rash and why it’s going to hurt more of you’re wearing a bikini.

Video Calls – Is Skype the only choice since it seems Chard had problems.

Laptop diagnosis that the bearings on the cooling fan are kaput.

1/3 of attendees are drinking 0% alcohol.

Highways England – price for a life is £1M.

Shooting with old guns – Colt Walker.

Interesting vehicles you have seen this week – Mk1 Escort Van.

Pineatta’s for ex-guide dogs. No need for blindfolds.