2022 – Nash Oakland

It’s the end of April and what’s better than heading out with your mates to your regular wild camping place. Yes; we’re back at NO but this time we’re heading for one of the lower fields to keep up the interest. That and the field we would have liked is actually put to seed so perhaps the next time.

Some of us turned up on Wednesday, some Thursday and Friday and then of course some of us didn’t come at all citing travel time, work commitments and the inability to get time off from a boss who doesn’t understand what personal time is as some of the excuses not to meet up.

Regardless; the weather was decent if a little chilly in the morning but the craic as always was light hearted and jovial.

The weekend did seem to be one for big bada boom sticks. If it went bang, it was there. We had setup a shooting range right through the middle of the camp to calibrate the scopes.

In between shooting stuff we managed to take down, chop, split, fill and stack a complete trailer full of firewood for Shirley and Rich, that was our good deed for the day; that and dispatching a couple of tree rats courtesy of eagle eyed knife sharpener extraordinaire.

Despite several attempts, the no-alcohol stalwart stuck to his guns and went home as sober as he had arrived; although his pimp mobile was probably a ton lighter after offloading an anvil and enough batteries to power a Tesla. He did however manage to get it up that weekend; his kite that is; well for a while anyway.

All in all a most excellent weekend. Some snappets below.



Some talkie movies.