2020 – The year of cancellations due to Covid.

With all events generally cancelled, we, like everyone else have had to adapt.

With lockdown, we of course have been very limited in what we could do. Once the rules were relaxed enabling us to meet up several of us made it down to Lynmouth as an excuse for a meet.

I did ask them to write up what they got up to and this was the result.

“We arrived. Put up the tent. Will picked us up and we went drinking. Big cheese board. Much cider. Teresa, the taxi driver brought us home. I gave her a big tip
Went to bed.
Woke up. Felt a bit rough.
Rory’s bed was unwell.
Got up. Drove to Lynmouth, had breakfast, drove to the EC.
Andy fixed a toilet. Did some sweaty stuff. Drove back to Lynmouth. Ate Fish and Chips. No ice-cream.
Drove back to the campsite
Slept. Showered. Hung about for Mark..
Mark didn’t turn up, so we decided to walk to a phone signal. Up a bastard steep hill.
Will and Mark turned up. We went drinking.. Ate Andy’s nuts.’

I think as always there may been a couple of drinks consumed.

All it needed was a bowl in the centre and a bunch of car keys.
Testing Lynmouths new drive through alcohol station.
It could only go down hill from here.
Mark showing Rory the size of bit on his chassis that didn’t have rust.
Andy doing his Emperor Ming impression.