Zoom 2023.

I started documenting our zoom chats as something to look back on.

12th Oct 2023

Camberwick Green – there’s a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down.

Film – Tipping the Velvet.

Film – Love Honour and Obey.

Electric Vehicles and car parks.

A replacement vehicle for the Welshman after Rusty Reg will be going to the scrap metal fellas before theres less metal on him.

The 1876 breech loading rifle using during the 4 invasion of Afghanistan – very good show and tell by Cameron.

The use of permanent markers to disguise yourselves as Guido Fawkes.

26th Oct 2023

Why the roads of Crete are great for rental car abuse. (From our Mediterrean correspondent). Book : Nothing handles like a rental car: (confessions of an automotive adventurer) – Rich Duisberg.

1897 – what happened then and why is it linked to dodgy french lager.

Why is the Post Office central recruitment such a cluster fuck.

End of an era for a family wedding car business. ☹️

Route across the UK via road numbers (thigh rubbings welcome).

Why are Landrover prices so high and the bloody extortionate service charges.

10th Nov 2023

Website of note : https://www.magic-mountain.co.uk/ for stuff.

Film/Book : Why the Sharp series of books are far superior to the films and why multi barrelled guns fell by the wayside. Still look rather mental though – https://www.henrykrank.com/a-very-rare-70-bore-percussion-seven-barreled-goose-rifle-by-h-nock-pfsrp258/

A nice selection of Welsh made hats were evident in tramp corner.

Wills upcoming birthday and why it’ll be a messy affair but there is the necessity for copious amounts of pistachios.

Sex dolls; holy Jesus !!

Royal Mail collection offices are all shit from a customers point of view (very limited opening hours) and they’re even shit to work inside. Who in their right mind in this day and age still uses faxes between offices – Royal Mail logistics, thats who. Realistically all a postie has to do is empty his sack into someones box, ooeerrr missus.

Why microfiche is quality built to last and not to replace..

23rd Nov 2023

We were star struck by being the presence of a yet to be released movie star extra.

Why Rohypnol may not be enough of a calming influence for some people.

Show and tell – a 1879 German Reichs revolver. Our resident customer service agent did some quick googling as our firearms expert was not on the call this evening.

Fleeces (the animal kind) and why we ended up talking bullocks about them from the woman on the market.

We got our Postal delivery service status including dawgs, routes and the inner workings of a delivery centre including unsolicited mail.

Jaags and the fuel economy of the SVR.

We were graced by the presence of a couple of drunken bums from the Ancient Mariner bar, which resulted in all attendees having to wear the great tramp hats that Lynne had made.

Tomorrow nights viewing of the ISS tool box that has had enough of the astronauts and has decided to part company. It’ll be 20 minutes ahead of it as it comes overhead. Update: it was cloudy.

7th Dec 2023

The tales of a movie star who plays an ageing cockstar (sic).

The NHS hiring process for ambulance medics and why does it take so bloody long (three months).

Movies of note :
The Baker.
Brian and Charles

P38; major discussion tonight about the trials and tribulations of owning one, the transfer box and why the viscous coupling doesnt come out without major disassembly.

We get our fortnightly update on the inner ‘workings’ of Royal Mail and why some of them are lazy bastards.

Why Highways England are moving to electric vehicles only for their wombles and why that’ll be a clusterfuck waiting to happen.

Why those in the Northeast of England might be thought of as ‘Special’.

Snow socks on a Panda.

Why a visit to the moors to camp out at a pub that doesn’t have mains electric just might be a good idea for a few days away.

21st Dec 2023

Why buying a guitar you went to see for someone else is their loss.

Flogging a shit L322 Landrover to a gullible person from Cheshire is their own fault.

Emperor Ming joins us from the valleys.

‘Luvvies’ and their latest risque movie ‘Under my Cap’

Viewing :
Anything from the RAC Rally 2023 (Roger Albert Clark Rally).
The Dectectorists.

Why Asian ‘slander’ seems to be be unacceptable to stroppy children.

Blast from the past : Big Pencils and those wonderful four coloured pens.

Posties : It seems there’s a scoreboard in the run up to Christmas and why a postie who’s been doing the same round for 30 odd years is currently winning at £1200.

Coins : £2s and a Timeteam find featuring a Henry VIII coin found near a well established historic track.