Who are we ?

Some say we like camping, some say we like drinking. Some say we just like to sit round a campfire and chew the fat. All of them are right so by way of an introduction we’ll list core members and a quick description of their key responsibilities. We won’t put pictures as it’ll seem like a rogues gallery and it might scare small children.

DaveTalker of bollocks. Has repeatedly talked the hind legs off a donkey.
MarkCommunications and Marketing. Not good at marketing fire engines.
ChardAll things technical. Like Brains from Thunderbirds but with a beard.
DeanoSharp weapons and armoury. Wearer of magical trousers.
RoyPublic Relations Officer, Body disposal and also a member of the Bum Rum club.
KeefWheels and sarcasm. Sarcasm so good you’ll take it as a compliment.
KaiForeign relations envoy. Wood gathering champion. Minister of Grazing.
RoryBoy, Gimp. Basheers Bitch. Has no need for shaving implements. Pedant.
CraigIT and Intel. Could sell sand to the Arabs and often does.
AndyEntertainment, catering and front of house quiz master. Like a meeter at a Disney store but funnier.
TigPolitical Incorrectness Officer. Never open what he sends you in public.
AxeBoyPurveyor of choppy things and stuff that goes bang.
NatScarlet Pimpernel. They seek him here, they seek him there.